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Chun woo hee shares thoughts on taking up a distinctive function via “melo is my nature”

Chun woo hee
Chun woo hee
 In a recent interview following the cease of “melo is my nature,” chun woo hee expressed   her  pleasure for successfully hard herself to   tackle a relatable position through jtbc’s “melo   is  my nature” for the primary time in her     appearing career.

 till now, chun woo hee took on heavy roles that   have been alternatively hard to portray. by   means  of gambling im jin joo in “melo is my     nature” and realistically portraying the existence   of a working lady in her 30s, chun woo hee was   able to gain sympathy from viewers and trade   her photo to a greater relatable one.

 chun woo hee stated, “i’ve been shopping for   trouble by myself. it wasn’t smooth taking on   such difficult roles, but i’ve additionally   received  plenty from them.” she endured to provide an explanation for, “a huge part of it's miles that those roles provide catharsis with the aid of letting me enjoy emotions that i don’t normally express in real lifestyles.”

she persevered, “however, i will’t say that ‘melo is my nature’ changed into less difficult than before just due to the fact it is a lighter genre. acting is hard no matter what the position is.”

The actress delivered, “an actor chooses projects relying on how they are feeling and what they're interested in for the time being. till now, i used to be attracted to unique roles that i had by no means heard of or seen earlier than. but, i’ve currently been trying to take on regular and practical roles.” she in addition explained, “i coincidentally got here across ‘melo is my nature’ after ‘vertigo.’ i favored that i ought to take on characters that are within the same age group as me, and it became exciting that the 2 characters have different attitudes even though they are each of their 30s and stay inside the equal term.” vertigo is chun woo hee’s state-of-the-art movie about an office employee who lives an uneasy life until she meets a special man.

chun woo hee additionally stated that way to “melo is my nature,” she will be capable of preserve to take on simpler and a laugh roles any further.

she shared, “i used to be feeling combined feelings prior to ‘melo is my nature.’ i was excited due to the fact i had a few expectancies for myself approximately how i’d appearance if i loosened myself up whilst performing in a comedy, however i used to be also involved that viewers might dislike it due to the fact they experience as if [my new side] is out of region.”

the actress concluded, “but, once i commenced filming, i had a amazing time. the chemistry with different actors changed into remarkable, and whilst filming fortunately, i suppose i was in a position to reveal the whole thing i’ve wanted to express.”

“i individually experience satisfied due to the fact i was capable to break off this sediment as an actress. if i am to tackle mild roles [like Im Jin Joo] within the destiny, i suppose i could be capable of do it with out being afraid.”

in case you haven’t already, start watching “melo is my nature” under!

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