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PM modi's recent speech in Chennai

PM Modi's recent speech in Chennai was a strong rebuttal to Raj kamal jha's criticism ?

PM Modi
PM Modi 

on Monday, November 6, 2017, prime Minister Narendra modi visited Chennai and interacted with people during 'Dina thanthi' Tamil dailies 75th anniversary celebration event held at Chennai Madras University centenary Hall.Tamil Nadu's governor banwari lal purohit, defense Minister nirmala sitharaman, CM edappadi k palaniswami and deputy CM o panneerselvam also present during the event.
P. Aditya founded the paper in 1942 and today; it is Tamil Nadu's most sold one. the newspaper is published in 16 different editions, including Mumbai and Dubai.
the prime Minister congratulation read the team behind the newspaper for completing 75 years and also appreciated the fact that everyone, from a daily wage earner to the highest political functionary, in the state, preparing dinathanthi heels highlighted the fact that even in this era of digital news sources the print has a still manage to retain its reader base.
"in spite of news channels, many people begin their day with a cup of tea in one hand and newspaper in other hand," side modi during his interaction with the crowd.

Modi's rebuttal to Raj Kamal jha's criticism

Indian Express editor Raj Kamal jha indirectly criticize arnab goswami and even the NDA government during last years ramnath goenka awards for excellence in journalism. PM modi had highlighted the importance of editors and creative ability of journalist during the event.
"If you don't have the facts, just put the flag in the frame and hide behind it,"said jha. Raj Kamal jha head pointed out to the prime Minister that criticism from the government is always good news for journalism.
now, coming back to the main point during the daily thanthi event, modi stressed on the importance of the role played by the media in shaping the society.
While highlighting the importance of vernacular newspaper and their contributions towards freedom struggle, modi also use this opportunity to criticize journalist by urging them to focus more on professionalism ethics and objectivity. using one of Gandhi's Court, modi Seth misuse of journalism is nothing less than a crime.
"Freedom to write does not give freedom to be factually incorrect. There is a need to use editorial freedom for the public," said the former Gujarat Chief Minister.
after ramnath goenka awards, this was the first time that the prime Minister spoke about media and the need for the reforms in the same. What this pointer benefiting reply to Raj Kamal jha as indirect criticism? Well, service political analysts think so.

Did PM Modi issue fraudulent letters of intent to framers in Navi Mumbai's uran region?

"Farmers from Navi Mumbai's Nhava sheva (uran region) feel betrayed as PM Modi failed to fulfill his promise."
The issue: 
prime Minister Narendra Modi open talks about development and claims to be e angle of change. However, people from Navi Mumbai Nhava Shiva have a different tale about pm Narendra modi's promises to share. Farmers whose land was acquired by the JNPT-Jawaharlal Nehru Port trust before almost 26 years have still not received the promise pieces of clothes under 12.5% scheme.however, some of the parcels of land that they are found before 3 years have been handed over to the builders by the authorities.

does, these farmers feel that even the prime minister has cheated them by issuing fraudulent letters back in 2014.

PM Modi had distributed the letter of intent to project affected persons.

In august 2014, Prime Minister Modi had laid the foundation stone for JNPT's portbased SEZ in sheva, navi Mumbai as well as the port connectivity highway project in Uran region.

Union Minister for Road, Transport, Highway and shipping-Nitin gadkari, Lok sabha MP Shrirang Barne Union Minister Anant Gite, the then governer of Mharastra kateekal Sankarnarayanan, and state's CM Prithviraj chauhan were also present during the event.
documents under the 12.5% land returns came were distributed to affected farmer by PM Narendra Modi himself during the event.the prime Minister had promised the people that his government aims to develop the area under JNPT and uran at a rapid pace.he also said the centre was committed to solving all the project related issues highlighted by the 10 Congress CM prithviraj Chavan.
Now, the district magistrate recently pointed out that the letter of instant (related to the land distribution) distributed by the government were out of the legal framework.JNPT issued documents, and they don't have valid signature of officials.but, the DM claims David not drafted and distributed as per rules.
People have started ridiculing and laughing
before around 26 years, farmers from rigid district were forced to sell their land at dirt rate for developing JNPT. As part of the compensation, they were also promised that certain percentage of their area would be e return to them after developing the same. Children of some of these farmers are employed at the JNPT.
while interacting with the journalist, people in our sewer area said that before 2014 Assembly elections pm Narendra Modi had given personal assurance regarding the long pending land allocation. Now, farmers feel betrayed due to governments approach. They recently made shiv Cena chief uddhav thackeray and share their grievances. People also requested the sena chief to look into this matter.

PM Modi had assured justice to farmers.

while lying the foundation stone of for JNPT SEZ project, the prime Minister had promised that his government would give justice to farmers as industrialization and agriculture need to go hand in hand.
He had said his government would help JNPT's shipbuilding and improve the age of doing business factor to the support all the industries that generate employment for the young generation. But most of these promises remain unfulfilled after 3 years.
Eight-Lane highway for better connectivity with the port.
During the same event, Union Minister nitin gadkari had promised to solve the traffic related issues in uran and surrounding areas by converting the existing four lane highway linking to JNPT project in 2 and 8 Lane highway. Gadkari had also promise to make special arrangement to park containers trucks on JNPT as permises.besides this, the Union Minister had a show the people that he would construct subways to ease traffic at various location in the region. the port handles more than 50 lakh containers each year and is considered as India's busiest, as well as the biggest one. However, nothing out of gadkari from message has come up yet.

Land available for allotment is lesser than required?

according to the people who know the details about the project, the over all land required to be allotted to the project affected person is 146 hactares. However, the area available for allotment is 111 hectares.
the plots that are expected to be allotted to the project affected person are said to be in deplorable conditions.the land has not yet been leveled, plus, it does not have proper roads, electricity and other amenities.does coma people are extremely concerned about the way the government is handling the situation.

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