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Why does Google not change its logo as often as other browsers?

Why did Google change its logo?

One line answer as in line with my factor of view is : to make it work smoothly throughout more than one devices.


To apprehend this new redesigned typographic colourful brand, we should keep in mind the most vital truth of the logo i.e. the font or typeface of the logo.the brand new logo is designed in a "sans-serif" typeface. now query comes, why google shift to sans-serif typeface?

So permit me quick you approximately sans-serif fonts - a sans-serif typeface are one that doesn't have the small projecting features called "serifs" (a small line attached to the give up of a stroke in a letter or symbol) at the quit of strokes.

Till nowadays’s remodel, google caught by means of its method: two blue letters, two crimson and one yellow and one inexperienced, all in an entirely unobjectionable serif font. as interlaced screens have shown twittering on the fine info of the horizontal serifs. additionally, on lower-decision virtual displays, pleasant info like serifs can also disappear or seem too massive.

Google Logo
Google Logo

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