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A Voice of Unwanted Girl | Full Poem


A Voice of Unwanted Girl
A Voice of Unwanted Girl

Mother, I am the one You sent away When the Doctor told you I would be A girl-in the end they had to
Give me an injection to kill me. Before I died I heard
The traffic rushing outside, the monsoon Slush, The wind sulking through Your beloved Mumbai- I could have clutched the neon blue No one wanted- No one wanted To touch me - accept later in the autopsy room When they knew my mouth would not search For anything - and my head could be measured. And band and cut apart. I looked like a sliced pomegranate. The fruit you never touched. Mother, I am the one you sent away
When the doctor told you I would be a girl - your second girl. Afterwards, as soon as you could You put on your grass - green saree- The orange stems of the parjatak blossoms glistened in your hair Afterwards Everyone smiled. But now I ask you
To look for me, mother, Look for me because
I won't not come to you in your dreamsLook for me, mother, look Because I won't become a flower I won't turn into a butterfly. And I am not a part of anyone's song. Look, mother, Look for the place where you have sent me. Look for the unspeakable.
For the place that can never be described. Look for me, mother, because. This is what you have done. Look for me, mother, because This is not 'God's will.' Look for me, mother Because I smell of formaldehyde- I smell of formaldehyde
And still, I wish you would look For me, mother

               A Voice of Unwanted Girl In Hindi                 

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