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Rules of Dinosaurs On The Earth | Earth Origin

The time when the rules of dinosaurs on the earth know to be as Jurassic,Triassic and Cretaceous periods because They first appeared during Triassic period and their dominance through Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Spread from 225 million to 70 million years B.P.


  • They are a diverse group of reptiles of the clade Dinasauria
  • They became the dominant terrestrial vertebrates after the triassic- Jurassic extinction event 201.3 million years ago.
  • These are varied group of animals from taxonomic, morphological and ecological standpoints.

Interesting Facts About Dinosaurs

  • Dinosaurs walked the earth for over 165 million years.
  • They lived during a period of time known as mesozoic Era, or Age of Reptiles.
  •  At the end of the cretaceous period they became extinct— that was around 65 million years ago. During this time there was a great deal of volcanic activity and many earthquakes. 
  • Many people believe that dinosaurs became extent because an asteroid hit the Earth changing the climate dramatically. It is believed that dinosaurs couldn't adapt to these changes.
  • The word dinosaur mean terrifying lizard. This name was invented by Sir rechard owen in 1842.
  • The oldest known dinosaur is Eoraptor, a meat-eater that lived 228 million years ago.
  • Dinosaurs are classified as reptiles. They are divided into two groups based on the structure of the hip. One group has lizard like hips and the other group has bird like hips.
  • Most dinosaurs hatch from eggs, and they could not fly or live in water.
  • The biggest dinosaur swore over a 100 ft long and 50 ft tall. The sauropod was the largest dinosaur. The smallest dinosaur were the size of a chicken and were called mussaurus, or mouse lizard.
  • Some dinosaur were carnivores, meat-eaters, and some were herbivores, plant eaters. Some walked on two legs, while other walked on four legs. Some head horns and spikes, other hard thick bumpy skin, and some even had feathers.
  • The color of all dinosaurs is unknown because no one was alive and the time in history
  • There are currently over 330 described dinosaurs species and this number is growing.
  • Most palaeontologist, scientist that study dinosaurs, believe that birds are the only surviving dinosaurs. So dinosaurs aren't really extinct because their descendants are still living.


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