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World Earth Day 2020 🌍: Fixing Our Broken Relationship With Nature 

Should we say good bye to zoos?

 For most of us, the lock down imposed by the government in the wake of the novel corona virus disease is turning out to be exactly what we feared: imprisonment. Day after day of sitting at your home doing work eating and sleeping but not being able to go out except to neighbourhood store to buy groceries and other essentials. Feeling of being caged.
Perhaps now, we might be able to think about those poor animal whom we cage in those modern prisons called " zoos" for our recreation and education.

world earth day 2020

How must the feel ? 

When we can't even tolerate a few weeks in comfort of our homes, how can we leave them exposed to the cruelty of spending their  entire lives inside a prison fashionably termed as zoo? We even enjoy some services, we even get proper care but think about our unfortunate brethren who cannot enjoy these kind of comforts. Even poor get advantages from the government because they human right! And also in a country where humans are not looked after properly , what to say about animals?

India's zoos are notorious for not treating their exhibits properly. Proper food, medicine and medical care are usually not forthcoming. In many cases, the staff is engaged in clandestine illegal trade in animal parts. One wonders what must the animal in the zoos around the World be experiencing right now with lock down imposed across the country in the world?

We should think that there have been instances of even criminals being granted amnesty in certain countries due to the lock down. When we can do that, why can't we think of giving freedom to blameless animal who have committed no crime but are still held against their will for our recreation and education? Food for thought ? 

A letter from jungle

Dear friends,

 I am jungle home to hundreds of birds, animal and different kinds of plants. A small group of humans also live with us in jungle. In my experience, these people are far better than the tourist who come to visit us during the holidays. Tourists litter jungle with all kinds of garbage. The forest tribal community however take care of the forest. They cut down trees, use water from the lake and forage for food in the forest but they make sure they leave behind enough for other inhabitants of the Jungle. However, recently no tourist has come here. A bulbul told me the other day that this was because of a virus that has spread to different corners of the world and made hundreds of humans sick.

Animal Sad

The other day, I spotted too familiar faces in the jungle. These youngsters had gone to the city for a work a few month ago. They carrying bag and look exhausted.I hear them saying that many migrant workers in the city you were out on the although shelter homes and food was being arranged by the authorities and few helpful citizens, many were struggling to make ends meet. I was heartbroken to hear this and was glad that the two of them had come back home.

In the Jungle, things were different.the way of life in the forest is based upon the optimum use of available resources. Therefore, it appears that despite the lock downed, it is business as usual for the forest dwellers. Their basic needs is being fulfilled by the forest itself. Almost everyone produces food in agriculture fields and kitchen gardens. There is very different from the cities conditions. I don't know how long things are going to stay this way but I am happy that the Jungle lessons on sustainable leaving have thought our people to handle this crisis better.I hope that someday all city dwellers would also appreciate the value of simple living and practice them in their daily lives.



Wildlife Runs wild amid COVID-19

Elephant go outside



The world has gone into a lockdown ever since the novel coronavirus as disease broke out last December. As humans have been forced into confinement in their homes, wild animals have been seen entering human habitations even big cities. like famous deer of Nara, Japan, who trooped into the town's Streets after being unfed as there were no tourist to do so.

Are 80% cases in India really symptomatic

Corona virus

Are 80% of novel coronavirus disease positive cases actually asymptomatic- or those who carry the virus without showing any symptoms- specially in India? The answer is no.
80 out of hundred confirmed cases were asymptomatic, R Gangakhedkar, the head of the epidemiology division at the Indian council of Medical Research (IMCR), said at a press conference on April 20, 2020.  He did not, however, clarify that this was not a proportion specific to India. It was a generic figure that the World Health Organization had come up with. Data suggest that 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, while 15% are severe infections requiring oxygen and 5% are critical infections requiring ventilation, the WHO said  Different countries with different scenarios shows different proportions of asymptomatic cases. This does not mean that this is true for all countries. Also, sisxty nine percent of the confirmed cases during testing in india were found to be asymptomatic, said Gangakhedkar on April 21 This was to suggest that a large number of cases may be treated without much medical intervention.

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